aggressive motivational speech :D

This weekend is so damn full with things XD and a sudden urge to find out, if there is an “easy” way to make own websites nowadays, since last time I looked into that stuff was…well, when I was 15 years old? (I’m only counting those I actually published).
And yeah, it is alot easier now and I like it alot, that theoretically one can build a simple website in just 5 minutes.
Even good looking ones 🙂
Here a link for a website I just started for a community project I’m leading within the sandbox mmorpg wurm online:
It’s nothing really fancy yet and some of the elements are not positioned as I would like them to be, but for just a bit experimenting it’s a pretty good outcome and gives me hope that it won’t be so difficult afterall to make a website for my game and myself anymore.

And for those who are still struggling with motivation :D: