GUI again :D or still…

I was asked, why I had not made my last update with a gif animation of my Healthbar…and well, now I have 🙂
I simply never had any reasons to look into how to make gifs, but I can see how it’s mesmerizing to watch something moving 😀

So, for my update, today I was actually managing to make it work properly! That means, the healthbar stops reducing at zero health and the damage is a float number counted from every enemy that is close enough to “trigger” an attack on the dragon. It also accounts for every enemy being slain, that it won’t keep on counting down when enemies already died.
Aaaand since some friends told me that updating every frame to check for an enemy that only hits every second, could become heavy on performance at some point, I changed it to update every 0.1 seconds 🙂

Only thing I don’t like at the moment, is how the numbers are so small, I don’t think it poses any challenge for players, if the health is going down only 0.01 per second from every enemy reaching it’s goal.
But thats for later, when I start polishing the game 😀

In overall this day was good, even though I was stressed with my code looking messy (or atleast I perceive it that way)

yep…that sums it how I feel about my code.

Now…just what to do next…random enemy spawns? more spells? making the actionbar work? 🙂 Let’s see what I will crave for most.

(sorry for all those smilies, it’s a sign I feel relatively good today)

and as a little bonus, because I just felt like sketching some dragonlands stuff: Rat Alchemist 😀