Dragon concept again :D

I went through the whole beginner tutorial of unity yesterday and phew, it’s quite exhausting. I tried to concentrate to write down information that I could easily forget and everything else I just try to keep in my mind as “reference” of what i can do while programming, since that was quite a big issue before: not knowing the possibilities of what tools I even have available to do things in unity.
Now it feels though, that if not using a very “complicated and special” game mechanic, that games in general can be prototyped in a relatively short time.

Also, last night I had a bit of a “I need to draw” situation, which led to me trying to make a more proper concept of a dragon, or in this case, more likely to be an hatchling. I’m gonna work on finishing that, aswell as the header, when I need some off time from programming again 😀 (and having some off-time from my baby) I actually like this one alot more then the rhino kind of dragon XD