Programming Joys…

I don’t really understand how some of the tutorials aimed at Beginners are actually explaining less, than those aimed at higher advanced programmers O.o and why would code be made in an inconsistent way, which would lead to more likely making mistakes?
Like as example, I just watched a tutorial that explained “if” statements or it was supposed to do so, but then he has 2 “if” statements where on one side, he is using the scope and on another part he isn’t and then I’m wondering like why? Why would you do something like that aimed at beginners? It’s just coincidence, that I actually had an issue with something like that from another tutorial, where i tried to add some functionality in form of additional “if” Statements and tried to “Debug.Log” it, just to find out, that without using the scopes, everything would run at the same time (kinda), so I couldn’t actually get the information WHICH of those ifs was firing…it could have been prevented to just ALWAYS use the scope, even if it is not really necessary…just to keep consistent and avoid problems later on, when you have already forgotten about it.

I will probably try to “just” continue programming after I’m done with some of the basic tutorials…somehow I felt like I was learning so much faster by just making a tons of mistakes XD so maybe those developers that suggested to “just start” are actually right…sure it feels like you are not really getting forward in the beginning, but therefore you get very fast alot better in asking the right questions 🙂 Learning how to be more precise with what you need and WHERE something exactly is not running the way you want it.
I don’t know how many times I was really close to an answer, all by myself, just by excluding and experimenting and when I asked someone for help I felt like “aaaaaahhhh I knew it was somewhere there” which is somehow also a little bit satisfying, that i was atleast close, but just couldn’t see what I needed to change, because I lacked some basic information.

I hope it will get better soon.