mostly babbling about inexperience

I’m always stumbling over my lack of knowledge 😮 I have read that it is adviced from some game developers to “just start” and so far I can do that and it is making me progress, but it also makes it extremly difficult for me to see sometimes what I did wrong, specially when I’m missing some very fundamental basics for working with unity and c#. Which then results in workarounds of workarounds of more workarounds of a simple “basic” gone wrong, which makes the further game development awful and very slow and painful. refactoring ( a word I learned recently) can help to fix some of this issue, but I would need to do it regularly I believe.

So i think my best approach currently is going through the Basic tutorials from unity regarding scripting with C# and using unity. I certainly don’t need to know everything there is right now, but getting a better understanding of underlying structures, how to use unity in a proper way and how to make “simple” code solutions and not a big mess of spaghetti code….I think it’s very important and I probably should have swallowed my “pride” of wanting to learn it without going into basics way earlier…there is nothing wrong with needing to go back to the basics and in the end it will benefit me in the long run for all the projects I’m gonna do. So here I go 😀

and btw. I had tried myself on making a small “simple” actionbar in unity and I came as far as creating some icons, an Actionbar base and a selection frame that I can move with number keys on my keyboard 🙂 so that works, but figuring out a way how to use the toggles in unity and connect that with code which would then allow me to activate “skills” and unlock them after reaching certain lvls was getting a bit too much, though thats why I thought I should go back to basics…heck, I don’t even know exactly how to use arrays or for loops, even though I had learned it at some point, but just didn’t know how to use it properly.

Also, my thoughts wandered off into my big game project “dragonlands” and I noticed that I tried so much to find solutions, that are actually just workarounds around the PVP issue that so many games have. In the end i just figured out, that I’m not really a PVP oriented/interested person, so why did I think of including it into my game? So with that out of my head, how about a game that is “mostly” PVE where dragons can indeed destroy players housing, but you can protect yourself against it with means of magic, maybe alchemy, special building materials or simply “peaceful” behavior. As example dragons wouldn’t attack your villages, as long as you stay away from their territories and not try to hunt them down 😛
But the more you are hunting them, invading their homes, stealing their stuff, they would actually get very angry at those players and try to track them down and kill them and if a village is nearby, which gained a bad reputation from armies attacking dragons, then it will be attacked aswell 🙂 Simple as that.

Then I thought “but I still want players to be able to make a bloodpact with dragons and turn themselves into dragons, how does that work together with no PVP?
Well, besides that i could make it a pain in the ass to become a dragon, so the amount of players being dragons stays low and those player dragons would be actually exiled for most time of their “hatchling” state. So that they are theoretically in a constant state of pvp, but they are weak, helpless and kinda lowest of the foodchains, since everything and everyone is trying to hunt them down. And when they turn into adults and since they are players, they would become “tame” or “wise” dragons, that are not those huge beasts that roam the world and live like normal animals, but instead, they represent some kind of enlightenment of a person, they can help defend villages and they can use special abilities no one else has etc. I’m not exactly sure of that yet, but I imagine it rather nice, to have players have to go through some kind of “monk” like state, when all they do is having to survive to understand what “life” means to gain access to a higher being.


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