score points :D

It’s starting to feel more and more like a game 😀 I am able to track how many enemies I have shot, which are added as points and I have my first UI elements showing score text and a lvl up text, when having shot 12 enemies 😛 of course that is just a random value to test if it works XD
Now I just need a healthbar for the dragon and some damage made by my ratpeople…oh yeah and I added a rudimentary model for the “enemies”, fixed some shading issue on my dragon (seems the mirror modifier was creating a plane between it’s halfs O.o) and in general, all my folders are alot more organized now.

Most faszinating thing is, how every little step makes me learn so much 😮 I somehow think the speed of learning needs to reduce at some point…or my working speed should increase somewhen, but so far, the only thing that increased is my ability to find problems in my code and fixing them 🙂 which I think is a good thing.

Oh and my fireballs have a point light now 🙂



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