uff…I feel like I have overworked myself

So today, was a big “refactoring” day. I stumbled upon some problems with my code, that would have been avoidable, if I would have tried to learn some of the basics in C# first and also looked at some of the unity basic tutorials. But I wanted to have some kind of prototype as fast as possible, so I had just “patchworked” code together from tutorials I was watching.
In the end it DID work out though and I did learn alot and even now the refactoring is helping me alot to learn and improve my code, it just means I won’t progress alot for the actual game development XD
But thats ok ๐Ÿ™‚

Also. I don’t even want to know, how bad I would have reacted if some of the bugs would have happened in the middle of coding today. Like unity suddenly crashing on me my old project scenes somehow being lost due to making a package out of them?! Not to mention, that I tried to rename a folder, which made itself and all it’s contents vanish (it was containing scripts -.-)
Good thing though, that I was mainly organizing and pushing things into a new project, so it wasn’t affecting me as badly as it could have been…
Still, it scared the shit out of me.

On another note, my game has a name now (I will still call it Dragon shooter here though) and everything seems to run more fluently now. I have fixed an issue about positioning instantiated objects and some parent-child issues and created some “if” functions to recognize different kinds of collision (so I can add different types of projectiles later).
I also added manager gameobjects for most of my scene objects and a proper folder hierarchy, aswell as shortened some unnecessary scripts and changed some 3D models to use less unity primitives.

and now I need a proper timeout with some gaming…o.o


2 thoughts on “uff…I feel like I have overworked myself

  1. You renamed the folder inside unity? That never caused problems for me, sometimes only when I renamed something in the windows explorer.

    To prevent such accidents you could use Git (https://github.com/) – you can just set it up locally and don’t need a server ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. the folder was reappearing when I moved the folder structure. It’s possible the problem was caused, because I had some Scripts from that Folder open, while I tried renaming it.


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