Lot of invisible stuff

I changed some code parts today, to be hopefully a bit easier to manage. Explosions are now in a separate script outside of my fireball projectile, because fireball instances were destroyed when explosions started, which led to some unforeseen results, that some code couldn’t be executed, because it was already destroyed.
Also, my enemies are not flying towards my dragon anymore. Made them only rotate towards the dragon on the z and x axis, not y, which resulted in them lifting off the ground. Also I expanded the code, so they are stopping to move towards the dragon once they reached it 🙂
So alot of things that are not really that easily visible when playing the game, but they allow me to create delays between different kind of explosions and alot easier time working on the code, since everything is split up logically now, instead of huge chunks of codes within an if function XD.


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