Fiery, Fyria, Dragons and Rivers

I didn’t do much in terms of “developing” today, that is, if you don’t count thoughts and stuff as part of it XD
I noticed that I had not even thought about a Titlescreen before, but since I stumbled over a tutorial to just do that I needed to get some ideas on paper on how it could look like…also some thought rambling about Dragon anatomy, a name for my dragon shooter (which seems difficult, since dragon is pretty generic and often used in games, I want something that stands out, but is clearly understandable) and some thoughts about how I imagine a not so performance intensive but dynamic river system could look like. Of course the last thing is very “rough”, since I have not worked with procedural generation or liquid simulation yet or even mesh generation, but I want to keep it in the back of my mind in case I stumble upon something that could help me find a way to achieve the effect I want. Which is practically generating a Plane on the Top of Voxels, which are using physics to move when changed. Those Voxels would be static unless terrain gets modified and the effect of floating water would be created through textures and normal/displacement mapping and hopefully I will find a way to determine which direction is “downhill” to determine which direction Texture would need to “flow” to create a realistic water effect.
I wonder how difficult it would be to realize this concept XD Time will tell 🙂 For now it’s just on my backburner as a “nice to have” feature, for far far in the future 🙂



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