Early work O.o

I admit I would have liked it alot to get some time for working on my project, but oh my…I really underestimated how stressfull the time “after vaccination of baby” would be.
I needed to do something ANYTHING though, so I decided to grab my sketchbook and try to make my “special” dragon for my dragon shooter at 1 am in the morning. I like to play around with different animal attributes, when it comes to drawing fantasy creatures, specifically when looking at dragons, I think it’s a shame that most dragons are either stereotypical “western dragon” or “eastern dragon” and mostly they differ between Elements they are spying out of their mouth, how their body is colored and what size the scales are, but rarely does anyone try to make them look different.
So I started thinking about it, how to get features from other animals into it that don’t scream necessarily dinosaur! or … lava! or…whatever other typical dragon element πŸ˜›
I thought, maybe, since rhinoceros are around in our world for quite some time and their skin looks kinda scaly but massive and protective, to go for that. Then I took some features from those tiny dragon lizards, I think they are called Bartagame, but it may be only the german word for them πŸ™‚
Then I added some features from chickens, mainly the scaly part of the feet. And last but not least some dinosaur element on it’s back with thick rectangular scales and tiny horns/spikes.
It also has a rhino horn on its snout πŸ˜›
dragonshooter_dragonconceptyeah, it’s not a really beautiful dragon XD

edit: and I forgot to mention, that currently it has 2 ribcages, since my research about 6 legged-ness has brought to light, that insects are build that way, for every pair of limbs, there is an additional torso, so I could try that for dragons aswell πŸ™‚


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