Dragon Shooter Spells/Skills

Next Blog post will probably take me a while. I want to add more elements to my Dragon shooter, think of a name for it, learning about graphical user interfaces and such. Not really sure how long it will take me to have some results, since I’m really really a beginner at coding.
It’s not helping that I wasn’t sleeping so well either šŸ™‚

One thing I started wondering about though is, how are games ending? I mean not the finishing a game problem. I mean how to define an end for a game? What do players expect?
I was thinking back and forth if I want “levels” for my dragon shooter, with some kind of “ending” by succefully beating all the levels or if I should do a simple score system, since it IS quite similar to those Arcade Shooter games. But I feel like, even though it would be simple enough as a beginner project, that it wouldn’t really do justice to myself. I mean, yeah of course, I want to learn how to make games and I should start small, but I wouldn’t want to be game developer if not for the possibilities as creative outlet šŸ™‚
So…I don’t really know…I think I’m tending to make it a score game “shooter” with a simple skill system. That allows the player to not only feel alot more of their progression, but also allows them to choose how they want to play it.
That also means it shouldn’t be just optical, but the player needs to feel the differences. So I think I’m gonna go with offense, defense and passive.

Offense, would be mostly about getting more powerful attacks, that have in general a bigger impact and they are going towards massive destruction attacks, which allows to kill alot more “enemies” in a short time.
Defense would cast a shield on yourself, maybe also a healing, something active like parry with your wing or so.
Passive would be about smaller effects, that you wouldn’t need to pay much attention to, so these abilities would make it easier for players who don’t have such high reaction skills or simply want to not have to think about 3 other abilities they could use all the time, but let the passive “buffs” handle it. This could be like a thorn armor spell which is hurting any enemy that hits you, as example.

As much as I love learning I wished I could just snap with my fingers and play that game XD


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