Yep, it DID help :D

Last night and this whole day, whenever I could and felt like it, I tried to somehow progress with my prototype and now there are boxes spawning, that I can shoot with a fireball and it destroys both on impact 😀

I’m happy and here is a little video of it 🙂


2 thoughts on “Yep, it DID help :D

  1. lol, this reminds me so much of a mini prototype I did in Unity a while ago where you are able to move a cube and whenever you come near enough to an enemy cube it starts to follow you… and kill you if in melee range xD Without animations of course, but it still was very funny!
    I had the enemy-ai from this older tutorial here:
    Just in case you might find some of it useful 🙂

    *tries to imagine your video with high end graphics* 😀
    Very cool. I can see you’re getting forward step by step. But remember to get yourself a break from your work every now and then 😉
    *continues reading through newer posts*


    1. the following is actually quite easy since you can add a “look at” and “movetowards” in code form 😀 thanks for the link 🙂


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