Language in games and some small progress :)

I wonder if MMO games can actually work without chat. I mean, what if, there would be a game that allows players to communicate, but only with emotes? Of course it would not prevent players from using outside applications, but I think it could make a game really interesting, if every kind of communication is being done by an universal language, like icons and character gestures.
If players within a game world would ALL speak the same language, how much immersion would it give to players? Would it be fun or tedious? How could such a system look like? Would it bring people together that otherwise would have never been able to communicate? Could such a language even be complex enough to actually communicate or would it stagnate to only use smileys for everything?
I got that thought, when I explored some of the upcoming indie games for this year. “wander” Is a pure exploration game and at first it interested me, because it has no fighting aspects, but then they pointed out, that they have developed a completely own language, just for that game, which players can learn and use, no matter where they are coming from.
It is faszinating me greatly to try to see where borders of modern games could be, what we can achieve, that would affect people also outside of games. What are players willing to do, beyond the Hack n’ Slash, Bling Graphics and heavily controlled story campaigns?
Specially since good voice acting in games is so critical and expensive I want to go without it in dragonlands, maybe trying to create some form communication working with speech bubbles, that are working with icons, like in “the sims” or like emotes that are used in alot of games. That, combined with ingame gestures, could maybe be worked into a real language.

Well enough of that brain chattering 🙂
I did some smaller things today, like the cave, boundary of my dragon shooter and a half finished model of an eventual prototype rat aaaand some sketches.
crystalsandbirddragon_s DragonShooter_2


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