Particle System, Sounds, Organization and “Dragonlands” Biology

Sometimes it’s difficult to find out what exactly I did the whole day. I had some fun with audacity, figuring out some basics on how to create and edit sounds and made a little recording of my voice that sounds like a dragon roar now 😀

Then I was also drawing my first particle texture and added it as a Material into the particle emitter from my fireball. It doesn’t look so well yet, but I’m sure I will figure things out with time.
DragonShooter_1I don’t know yet, why the particle starts out so weirdly, must be some setting within the particle emitter I think, because the position of where it should start is an invisible GameObject within the dragons mouth.

Then I also digged up my textfiles and continued to collect and sort through my dragonland ideas and create an own board for it. Did the same for the dragon shooter and I’m happy with the results.

the Dragonlands Board is mainly about being a more organized idea collection, where I can also add how important features are for me to be ingame and how difficult they are to implement.
Dragonlands_exampleAnd I also had long conversations about it, if I want to have 4 legged dragons only, based on our own worlds “logic” or if I make dragons with 6 limbs (4 legs and 2 wings). It is not easy to think about a possible biological reason or a way to explain why only those big dragons have 6 limbs, so I think I want to go with a larger variety of animals with 6 limbs and try to explain the worlds biology by saying that every living being evolved from a very early form of dragons, which had 2 Variations: 4 legged and 6 legged.
There are no insects like we know it and in overall I think “Dragonlands” will be quite alien. The whole world is warm, like at the time when earth had dinosaurs, Oxygen levels are high, which allows creatures to grow quite big, without being affected by gravity too much, since the air is actually carrying some of the weight (similar to water).
In fact, alot of the animal designs will be based on Dinosaurs.
I also like the idea of red mountains adjacent to large green plains and tropical forests and on the other side being a barrier to deserts and dry lands.


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