Organization of work stuff

I heard quite alot about the scrum system that is being used in alot of companies and I noticed that my to-do lists on my pc are constantly getting lost somehow…soooo I started looking for some website/program that could help me with that, and I found Trello 😀
So now I can organize and review my progress properly for everything I do in a less cluttered manner spread through several folders 🙂 will make my life alot easier I think ^^
trelloNow that Trello is set up I probably need to go through my to-do and checklists again to see how else I can use Trello to centralize everything I have. It’s probably also a good way of making a Game Design Document List.

And since I promised to upload even crappy sketches, here are my prototype textures (knight and thief) to use on enemies, so I’m not getting confused within the unity scene.
knight_tex thief_tex


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