Programming…. weeehhhh! :D

I think I start to like coding. I always shyed away from programming and tried to avoid doing it. Mainly because of so many missconceptions I had and alot of (in my opinion) failed attempts to do something with it, but I guess thats over now šŸ™‚
Now I’m starting to think, that avoiding programming has made my life alot more difficult than it would have needed to be…when I tried to use nodes only in UDK to create a prototype of a game…when I tried shoving the programming task off to other people, just to be disappointed, by the troubles it created.

I chose to use C# with unity and so far I like it alot. It seems easy to understand and it’s logic doesn’t feel like from another planet. And even though I have not done much yet and are constantly running against walls, it did not frustrate me yet, at all.
And it’s such awesome feeling, when you have a problem and manage to even fix it completely on your own ;D
and now, when someone comes and asks me what I’m doing, and I say “making games” and they are like:” oh! you are coding?” then I can say YES. I don’t have to hide anymore behind my artists side šŸ˜›

here a little screenshot from my current prototype from the dragon shooter game:


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