DragonHorsie :)

I took some days off, from the actual development of the dragon shooter. I think I needed that break, my head got already dizzy from trying to learn so much about coding and talking every day about my game ideas with my husband.
I still felt like doing some drawing today though, for the main Dragonlands game, was kinda hit by some kind of Inspiration I think XD


I also revisited my game document about dragonlands and noticed that it’s cluttered and full with ideas that I would like to sort into categories, like what is important, what I NEED to have ingame, what is just gimmicks and which things I would like to have, but are not necessary. Interestingly, while trying to clean up, I always get new ideas.
One feature I would like to have is a Tutorial system, that let’s you play the game with restrictions, kinda holding you by your hand, while you are getting to know the controls etc. And I thought it would be cool, if every player who is going through the tutorial, would be displayed as a child at first, until they either decide that they have learned enough and quit the tutorial, finish the tutorial or they have reached the skill “tutorial-cap” and in order to progress with skills one would need to “grow up”. This would not only make clear which players are newbies, but also make the game world more interesting in my opinion.
Also I was thinking again about it, how to make developing the game/content easier for me and I seem to always come back to it, that I need some form of Player contribution and NPC automations. So that they create quests based on what they need, as example create new swords. That players aswell as NPCs can use Billboards to spread the word about needing something. That can be forming a party, invite to a cities army or simply resource gathering for fueling the forge.
The possibilities could be endless, I just wonder how difficult it actually is to program that….


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