Research, Dinosaurs and Time management!

I seriously don’t know what exactly I have to talk about. Today was quite “spread” again in terms of “all-over-the-place” with my projects. At least I can say I noticed in order to get some actual progress and not always get distracted with all kinds of “neat” things I would like to know, I need to start focus on one project. And my decision fell on a small dragon shooter. Last post I was already mentioning it plus the Billboard concept I did.

Yesterday I created a prototype inside unity that allows to shoot fireballs per left mouse click in the direction of the camera inclusive particles that leave a streak of fire particles depending on the direction the ball was shot.
I tried to find out how to move the camera per mouse movement, but I don’t yet understand how to use the standard asset packages from unity. Yeah I feel a bit stupid about that, since it “seems” to be just about unpacking some package folders. What can be so difficult about that?

So after trying around for some hours I took my sketchbook and google and started looking for references to create concepts for my dragon model.
I picked up exotic animals, dinosaurs and dragons from other artists and I’m still in the process of not only collecting those resources, but also drawing them. So far I only got one dinosaur on paper and I was already surprised that I could actually draw it. Honestly, I don’t think I have ever tried to draw a dinosaur, except maybe deep down in my childhood XD

raptor_sI hope I can draw some proper concepts of my dragon instead tomorrow. It’s really bugging me, that I get so rarely time nowadays to work in big blocks. Finding the time to not only get into subjects and learning and progressing in making an actual game while taking care of a baby that seems to have a grumpy streak since a few days :/ feels hardcore.
I wonder how other people are handling these kind of situations. But then I also hear rarely of indie developers that are having children. Most Indies I have heard of seem to not have much time even without children. So maybe I’m just crazy that I think after all those years, when I got a child that NOW I could start developing for sure 😛


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