Unity dabbling and some more concepts

For some reason I felt like obsessing with terrains today 🙂 I talked with a friend a bit about how I imagine Dragonlands world to function, map and area wise. So I came to the conclusion that I want to look up how easy or difficult it is to create terrain in unity and if I either want to go procedural or handmade or even both. I think a combination of both ways is probably the one which would create best outcome. Not sure if I’m even using the right terms here…
One thing I’m also very interested in is how do other games make terrains that seemlessly go into each other without loading the whole map when the player is only seeing a certain distance anyway. So I stumbled upon arrays and how to use them to stitch together terrains in unity 🙂
I would really like to have a big map in my game with different climate zones and a way to make smaller areas that could be defined later for city placement etc. Aswell as defining those smaller regions for game purpose to define which areas are considered “lush” which ones are “barren lands” or “mountainous”, areas where dragons can settle and so on. There are alot of things that need to be planned in how the game should handle it and how the player can interact with it. And since I want to create a world thats playable as RPG and as RTS it would be nice if I could re-use as much as possible to decrease the amount of work I need to do, to realize this concept.

I wonder how hard it would be to create maps with just heightmaps created in photoshop. Definitely something I want to look in also.
Hehe, it’s for the UDK, but I’m pretty sure I can use it for unity also.

I think I need to increase my daily water and sugar input, Since I started working every day on learning new things I got regularly headaches. And I don’t even know what exactly to write down here either at the moment since most of what I do is just working through tutorials, while I try to grasp what is being told. Yeah it’s alot of work to do that, but it doesn’t feel like somethnig I should write down here in details. I already feel a bit bad about posting so many youtube videos. Even though it can probably help others also to learn a bit about game development, programming, design etc.

Oh well, here is another video 😀

And this guys videos are very informative for bloody beginners in unity and c# programming. I wished I would have had him as a teacher, back when I was still studying. I’m happy he uploaded those tutorials though 🙂 Yay for Internet 😀

And because of his video about shooting projectiles I got reminded of that mini game I wanted to create as a starting project before Dragonlands. It is some kind of dragon shooter, where the player sits on a hoard of treasure and has to protect it from incoming thiefs and knights that either try to steal the hoard or try to kill the dragon or both. I thought it would be a fun little game to play and probably very easy to prototype also, since it just needs a small amount of programming. I think the most difficult programming aspect could be, how the dragon head is supposed to turn directed towards the mouse.

Time for a very very crappy concept art :



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