Starflower…or however I’m gonna call this idea.

Last night I got an idea of what kind of game I could make out of the unity platformer tutorial, that I’m working on. The idea is very simple. You play a seed, that needs to get to a place to grow into a plant/flower, it is moving very slow on it’s own, but with the help of wind and water it can progress forward, towards it’s goal and overcome obstacles. These same elements will also be dangerous, when the weather is stormy or rainy. Your lifespan or the amount of time you can travel is dependent on how many of those little fluffy balls you have left on your seed (those balls are making it possible for the seed to move)

when hit by big raindrops you can loose some balls, when hit against a wall by too strong wind, you also loose a ball. I’m not sure yet if there should be any way of regaining those balls, on the other hand, it’s quite many lifes and it probably depends alot on the balance of the game how it feels, when playing :). But I already like the idea of using same game mechanics that make you progress faster in the game, equally dangerous and that the graphics could be very stylistic and beautiful. I probably should do some proper concepts for that, to capture the images in my head πŸ™‚
Also it would be cool, if the game could work without any User Interface at all. It’s probably a challenge to do, programming wise, but aesthetically it would add so much immersion! Like everything friendly could be roundish and soft, while everything dangerous is hard and has sharp edges.

Damn. I have so many ideas in my head, how should I ever realize all of them?XD

However, I managed to draw a concept of this game idea and I think I like it πŸ™‚ Would be probably also a good playground to try out special effects for games, since so far I haven’t done anything like that. And to try out how I can work with colors, since I usually work relatively dark, but with this game concept it would make sense to try bright and friendly colors πŸ˜€



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