mindrumbling and learning basics of making games

So I had quite some busy time, full with a newborn crying through the whole night, which really drove me nuts XD And on the other hand I had to follow an urge to do one of the unity tutorials on youtube and try to actually understand how C# works and a bit on how to use the interface of unity in a practical example.
Here the link to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbWK8bCAU2w
I just got to the second tutorial and I’m really mindblown, by how many things we see as “given” and are expecting every game to just have, how much one needs to do to even achieve a collision detection(I admit using raytracing is probably not the simplest method). My tiny cube is now just capable of falling and colliding on horizontal and vertical axis and I can use A and D to move it left and right. Thats it…and it felt like huge amount of code for just this simple functionality. And I probably understood only 50% of why things are working like they do. Or thats atleast what I hope how much I understood ;D

It’s a start and I want to say, that even though I’m afraid of taking on the challenge of learning programming, it is alot of fun! I can actually get lost (in a good sense) in writing code down. It’s just copying and trying to understand it, but I’m sure I will eventually write my own lines and are capable of pushing my ideas into reality soon.
I have no idea how much harder it will be to do it for 3D enviroment yet, but until then, maybe I will bring some 2D games to live 🙂 My head is full of ideas and maybe it’s a good approach, when I go and do some really small, easy to overview games on my own. I had done some games within my studies already, but I was always only doing a part of the game, doing alot of different roles for different semesters, but making my own game fully alone is probably a completely different experience. And who knows what exactly I will find out about myself when doing this 🙂

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