I defeated blender! and my messy working place :)

It felt, like I’m really struggling with learning Blender. A few years ago I already tried to learn it and gave up on that cryptic interface and way too many buttons and functions, that were just difficult for me to “translate” into an understandable language XD
But I really don’t like to give up and Blender has changed quite alot over the past years and looks alot more user friendly now. Also I’m not a complete newbie anymore when it comes to 3D modelling, so I know what kind of tools I want to have and which ones are replacable. Besides that I have far more interest in learning Blender now, since I can not use my 3dsmax student version for commercial purposes :/ and its so damn expensive. Not to mention that every time I stumbled upon Blender, everyone seemed convinced that it is the best developed 3d program out there. So Blender it is.

And then I went crazy hehe.
I tried to bash information into my head by watching tutorial videos. I tried to just read documentation. I tried just opening Blender and see if i can find everything I need, myself. I thought that maybe it’s not “that” different from other programs I used. Well, I was wrong. It is having the same functions, but it is in no way the same “structure” as those programs I used before.
And that little cursor thats moving around on rightclick is soooo annoying, when I just think about opening a context menu.

I thought also about just forcing my habits on blender, but I noticed very fast that alot of things are named differently or are simply tedious to use now etc.
So I started a different approach. I made a list of the tools/things I would like to have to feel comfortable for 3D modelling. I wrote them down, roughly in the order of priority, which ones I think i need to have and those which I think can get a compromise. Then I started looking up for the actual equivalents of things, how to move the view, how to use manipulators etc. And it turned out, that it made me understand how Blender works, just by seeing how things are “grouped” together, where Blender uses toggles instead of plain buttons for every little function and how blender relies more heavily on switching viewports and using shortcuts for manipulating models, instead of using manipulators.
I actually started loving it, the more I was finding out how Blender is supposed to work (for me atleast).
And it all suddenly made sense 😀

Now I’m happy to have this very practical list of shortcuts, so if you come from 3dsmax or maya and want to learn blender, take a look at these notes, maybe they can help you also.

Oh and I found a video which shows something very important in my opinion. I should always keep that in mind when I start to get impatient again when i just want to see results and try to rush my work:
Concept Art! Whatever I want to make for my game, no matter how small or how much I think that I already “know” how something looks like, it is always a good idea to double check, if I remember right, to look up references and to draw a concept of what I think that i want to have as a 3D model. Simply because modelling, UV mapping, rigging etc. Is alot of work and I really would not want to redo something, just because I slacked on the very first step. I will thank myself for doing the first step properly! Also, then I don’t need to worry about how to design something, while modelling and can concentrate on having a proper edge flow/good looking model.

And just to emphasize this, here is a video link describing the same thing and showing the whole working process from concept art to a finished asset:

To finish this post for today, here is an image of my freshly tidied up working area aka my nest 🙂



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