Much to do and even more to learn

I can feel how my brain is slowly starting to get into some kind of working mode. Even got a slight headache from trying to learn all kinds of new stuff and today I noticed I need to make a plan on what I need to learn/do every day/every few days to not forget anything or get rusty.

So on my list, of what I need to do regularly/currently:

  • how to use Blender (get used to interface, find out whats usable of myย 3dsmax and maya knowledge)
  • how to work with unity (how to use interface, how to create a simple game)
  • how to use C# (specifically for games and inside unity)
  • visualize, design, write about my big game (to keep my head in it)
  • work out smaller game ideas for practically making games before the big game

after I have done some of that, I can probably start prototyping some game ideas or try to solve some issues I have with “Dragonlands”.

So far, I have printed out a quickstart sheet from blender, that I can lay besides my screen whenever I need it:

aswell as a keyboard reference chart, not sure if it will feel confusing to use it or if my brain likes lists more, but maybe I won’t need it for long anyway. I will probably make a shorter more costumized chart for my own workflow, once I get into it.


It is bugging me a little bit, that I watched some video tutorials about Blenders Interface some weeks ago, but because I interrupted the learning process instead of reinforcing it, the knowledge got lost and I have to relearn shortcuts etc. This time I’m gonna make sure to do some models for prototypes, to push the knowledge into my long-term memory.

So much work and just so few time to do everything, while I’m juggling with knowledge, my duties as mom and a not so good internet connection, which makes it difficult to watch any tutorial videos after my husband comes home ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I feel quite exhausted but hopefully atleast the internet connection gets resolved soon ๐Ÿ™‚

It may sound a bit like complaining, but it is not ๐Ÿ™‚ I love that I can do what I want to do with my life and that I find time to do it and enjoy diving head first into a huge amount of different subjects. I think this is why I want to be game developer in the first place, so that I can get away with learning everything. EVERYTHING! Hehe.

When my current to-do list gets a bit shorter again I’m definitely planning on learning how to do music, sounds, special effects, video editing and probably also try myself on making some video updates, when I can gather some courage to show myself infront of a camera.


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