learning, learning and more learning

Since I’m more of an artists than a programmer, I would really like to focus on the art side of things, which means to learn a few things in order to be able to go commercial later and to make sure that everything works out as I want, design wise. That means learning how to use unity, because I have worked mostly with UDK and cryengine so far and my experience with unity was only about importing models with rig and animations a few years ago while studying, but I want to use unity since it seems the most fitting for my game “needs”. The same goes for 3d modelling.

Some years ago I used Maya to make 3D models, then I switched to 3dsmax, because I was told that it is alot less buggy, more specialized for modelling purpose and that it has more tools, helpful plugins etc.

It was a pain in the ass to switch from Maya to 3dsmax though and now I seem to be at that same step again with switching from 3dsmax to Blender!

It is relieving to know though, that it’s “just a phase”. Getting into the flow of how the one who designed the program, meant it to be used, is difficult and a steep learning curve for me (and maybe for everyone else also), but it will pass, as long as I’m not giving up. So thats what I’m doing right now…watching youtube videos, looking into Blender documentation, working through tutorials.

First thing I always thought was the most important step is to observe other people working with the program, because I think it gives a good hint on how the flow is supposed to be, which tools are most commonly used and where to even find the tools that one needs. Therefore speed sculpting videos can be already very helpful and as a bonus they even teach about sculpting and texturing in general like these videos I found today:

shows the process of making a model from concept art into a fully textured and rigged model and setting up a scene.

same as above, but photo is being used as reference and instead of texturing the artist only uses materials for rough coloring (makes me wonder if it’s possible to render out material colors as texture?)

very basic line conceptart and also uses materials instead of an actual texture

It is the whole process of modelling that I will need later also, so it makes sense to look at more than just how to use the program (besides that tutorials of how to use mouse etc. Are pretty boring to watch in my opinion) So putting some videos like this one inbetween trying to figure out controls brightens the mood and helps to stay motivated 🙂


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