About Dragonlands or the world the game is going to be playing in

Dragonlands is currently the Draft name of my game project and it has a good reason to be 🙂

I want to create a world which is mainly inhabited by dragons and I’m not only talking about the normal big western, fire spying dragons. I’m talking about EVERYTHING that would be usually normal animals are dragons or have at least dragon features. Currently I’m still working out how those lands are going to look like, but it’s developing in a direction that I can say, that the rat people were originally nomads, living in desert-like conditions, while dragons are mostly living in lush areas, where there is lots of food available.

That also means that the deeper a player goes into forests or venture into more fertile lands, the more likely it will be that they will encounter big dragons, who like to eat them also. So it’s wise to scout areas before starting a settlement there or just make sure that one has a proper army/military to deal with those dragons.

Because in my game I don’t want dragons to be easily beaten with a little chopstick sword, but instead one needs heavy artillery like ballistas or catapults. Magic will be also available, but it needs rare materials for it to work and is very dangerous to use.

All this talking about the games world, just to spend some time thinking about the game, so my head stays inside the topic, even if I don’t have time to do more. I learned that it’s  a very important thing to do in order to keep motivation running no matter what life circumstances might be interrupting the actual “doing” or “working on it” part.

here a whiteboard draft I did today, nothing fancy really, but it’s my first try to somehow visualize the landscape without any references.



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