more from my ratrace :)

I think I’m lacking alot when it comes to drawing anatomy and different bodytypes and characteristics. I would love to be able to implement it in my game though, that this rat race has no gender specific body types, which means they are very different to normal human races, but that they still have characteristics a player can identify with, no matter if male or female, which would also allow that someone who wants to make a fragile, petite looking male thats fine! You want to have a bulky and big female? You get it :D. I think i can have alot of fun with this concept so I’m definitely expanding this (and make more sketches) until I’m satisfied with their design.

And yeah those sketches were just made in a matter of minutes, just to get a rough idea if what I have in my mind, works on paper also. While I’m looking for further references to make them look more “realistic” this will have to do πŸ™‚
Also a good friend and programmer told me that ideas are not real as long as they are only in your head, so I’m gonna draw or write down my ideas until my hands fall off πŸ˜€



One thought on “more from my ratrace :)

  1. Rat race with no gender specific body types sounds interesting. I’ll be looking forward to seeing more detailed sketches. But I admit I’m even more curious about some background. How big are they, for example? Human height I guess?

    Heh, really good idea, making a blog to motivate yourself (and others). I wish you good luck and I’m sure you’ll be able to get your game(s) done some day. Every small step is a step closer to it after all. Keep up your creative thinking πŸ™‚

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