My first entry!

So. This is it. Today I decided to start my own blog about my progress of becoming an independent game developer. As little side Information: I’m 27 years old female artist and gamer who just moved recently to finland, married and became mom, just after I finished my study and made my Bachelor in Games and Animations.

Sadly, even though I have finished my studies, I am a person with usually low self-esteem, doubts in my skills and what I can accomplish. That is also one of the reasons why I wanted to start this blog, to reassure myself that I’m indeed doing progress every day to achieve my goal to make and publish my very first game.

The other reason is, that I tried looking up Blogs and information about newcomer indies, that are similar to me, who try to become indie developers, but don’t really know where to start or where they are standing currently and I hope a little bit, that by writing about my situation, that I can create such a blog. I won’t delete anything I post here, no matter how embarrassing I think it is, in the future 🙂

To my current game idea, I want to make an mmorpg-strategy-breeding kinda game. yeah that sounds like a hell of a project, but I’m mainly focusing on creating the world around it currently. one could say I want to create some kind of franchise I want to let alot of my games play in and by creating alot of the background now which I can later build on, I don’t always need to think about new characters, worlds etc. but can just continue using what I already have.

For someone like me, who needs the experience in ACTUAL game developing, it may be helpful. So for now I will concentrate on making sketches, making background stories, develop Enviroments and Animals aswell as what kind of Plants and Monsters are living in my world. I also want to try out unity, want to learn a little bit of C#, want to learn how to create music and sounds and concept art that can be used for later advertising. I need to learn so much, so this Blog will probably be a little chaotic and cluttered with everything my brain can come up with that is even only vaguely related to game development.

Stay with me 🙂 and enjoy the ride


4 thoughts on “My first entry!

  1. Good luck! I’ll be checking your progress from time to time. Motivation is most important, you can do it! Step by step, day after day. I believe in you!


    1. hehe yeah. Programming engulfs me so much, that I sometimes don’t know what I could write in my blog without boring anyone with technical details 😀

      oh wait a second 😮 did you see the other posts I made? didn’t notice that you were commenting my first post at first.


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